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UNICORN MINI ME - Customized Mini Me Face Pillow

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What is white pink and magical?... A unicorn of course!

And what could be more magical than turning yourself or a loved one into one of these cuddly mystical creatures! Complete with horn and all you really haven't cuter than our Unicorn Mini!

Perfect for all Unicorn fanatics out there!

Note: Please ensure you upload a photo of your full face

Approx: (h) 40 x (w) 30cm/16 x 12inch

Photo Guide

To ensure the best quality Customized please follow the below:

1. Don’t upload blurry or pixelated photos
2. Make sure the face isn’t cut off i.e the full face is showing
3. Don’t use photos really dark or far away
4. The better quality the image, the better quality the Customized Mini Me