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Sex Big Bust Lady Custom Bobblehead

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Buy custom bobblehead in BobbleheadeShop with fast delivery in any city of the world! Still looking for a unique gift This custom bobblehead doll is probably your best choice! Custom bobblehead is the best gift idea for friends, co-workers or family members! Let's the bobblehead to record the special and beautiful moments in your life!

This design is very versatile and is great for so many occasions including, awards, birthday party and more!

The model online is only for reference, we will replace the doll head with yours, The front photo is the PRIMARY photo our artist will use to sculpt your bobblehead INCLUDING the hair and facial expression (smile, frown, smirk etc). This should be a high quality photo (selfies not preferred).

Long hair will have a affect on head shaking.


Different from other companies, we use non-toxic Polymer clay not resin to make the bobblehead. The final product is actually brighter, true 3D likeness and higher quality.


Head Swap

The photos you provide allow us to swap your head onto one of the many amazing stock bodies available from our categories. Take Inspiration from an existing theme!

1.Upload your photos

Upload your photos or simply send them by email. We will then sculpt your head with your selected stock body...

2.Doll Enhancements

Provide information about color changes and specify all your additional requirements.

Our artists will hand sculpt your head onto a standard body for amazing results and an awesome gift...

Your head + T-shirt & Color change

3.FREE Proofs

You should receive your first set of clay proofs via an email link to our C Panel forum within 7 business days.Please reply the result within 48 hours after receive the proof, or we will default you have approved. The proof will be sent from Our customer service department, and could possibly end up in your Junk or Spam folder.

Receive FREE online proofs (in-progress preview photos), giving you the chance to make modification requests.



Your well-packaged and insured bobblehead!