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Pet Astronaut Personalised Pet Mini Me Doll- Customized Mini Me Face Pillow

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Do you ever feel like your furry friend acts like a little hooman?

Have you ever caught them sat upright on the sofa or trying to make a cup of joe at the crack of dawn?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then we've got just the thing.

Introducing our Personalisable Pet Mini Me Dolls. A perfectly printed personalsied doll, with ears and collar to boot.

You've loved our Personalised Mini Me Dolls so much that we went back to the drawing board so that we can make our Mini Me even better for pets. We've introduced three head shapes, with different ears, because we know that our pets come in all shapes and sizes. We've also added a personalised collar for you to add your pet's name to your Mini Me! How cool is that?!

Just upload a clear picture of your pet, enter your pet's namne, and our nifty app will do the rest.

You could be the proud owner of a miniature, squishy version of your pet that you can hug and hold.

Take your pet parenting to a new level, go on, you know it will be adorable.

    Note: Please ensure you upload a photo of your full face

    Dimension Approx:

    (h)20 x (w)15cm/8 x 6inch

    (h) 30 x (w)22.5cm/12 x 9inch

    (h) 40 x (w) 30cm/16 x 12inch

    (h) 50 x (w)27.5cm/20 x 11inch

    Photo Guide

    To ensure the best quality Customized please follow the below:

    1. Don’t upload blurry or pixelated photos
    2. Make sure the face isn’t cut off i.e the full face is showing
    3. Don’t use photos really dark or far away
    4. The better quality the image, the better quality the Customized Mini Me