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Naturist Couple Personalise Minime Wall Clock-Custom Mini Me Wall Clock

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Let Mini Me On The Clock~!
Every second count! An exciting and practical accent in any room, this unique high-quality Wall Clock serves as a statement piece, creating a personalized environment.
  • picture 1——Men
  • picture 2——Women
Handmade item
Style: Custom Minime
Made to Order
Can be personalized

 If you want to customize more, click here to customize more Minime on personalized wall clock.

M I N I M E ∙ W A L L C L O C K

• Material: Acrylic

• Size:

H O W ∙ T O ∙ O R D E R

    Note: Please ensure you upload a photo of your full face


    Photo Guide

    To ensure the best quality Customized please follow the below:

    1. Don’t upload blurry or pixelated photos
    2. Make sure the face isn’t cut off i.e the full face is showing
    3. Don’t use photos really dark or far away
    4. The better quality the image, the better quality the Customized Mini Me