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Fully Customizable 1 person Custom Bobblehead(Male& Female)

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In order to celebrate the upcoming Independence Day of the United States, our store has a big promotion-50% off.

In addition, when the sales volume reaches 400, the first 400 customers will have the opportunity to get a free bill. At that time, the arrears will return the same way. Please pay attention to your email address.


This product is customized for the whole body, so it is recommended to upload a few more photos to provide a complete and clear picture of the whole body.

Tips: We will custom any bobbleheads according to your photos. If you have other requirements, please Email: service@chooseitems.com

•The size is the stature of the person standing from head to toe, isn't the actual height of the person while sitting or lying.

Bobblehead Material

•We use polymer clay that meets the highest industry standards, it's a non-toxic, multi-color and environmentally friendly convertible material that makes your bobblehead very alive-looking.


  • Proof: We will send you the proof by email within 7 business days. Please reply us within 48 hours If any modifications are required. During this time, we will not proceed to the next step only if you are 100% satisfied.
  • Try to upload high-definition pictures, in this way, our bobblehead artists can better see your appearance and make the highest degree of imitation.
  • Your Bobbleheads will be 100% customized (handmade by our artists).
  • Making samples for 3-5 Business days, after you confirmed the design we will complete your order within 10 working days. The product will not be returned once it is made, please purchase carefully after confirming the image of photo.